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The biggest luxury yacht in the Red Sea !!
it is 43 Meter !
On the Red Sea again .
43 meter Custom Luxury Yachts.
4 luxury suits with king size bed at main deck .
13 Double cabins with air condition , mini bar , and private bathroom
2 zodiacs with outboard engine
we selected for u the best sushi all enclusive delicious food by our chief .e
we served here 3 meals !
Luxury private cabins
Enjoy your privacy
Red Sea
Special Trip
Captain Room

Why choose Scuba Scene Yacht for Red Sea liveaboard?

  • Two different kind of activities: Red Sea scuba diving and Red Sea kite surfing.
  • The most popular and the most fabulous Red Sea dive sites
  • The biggest luxury yacht in the Red Sea will make your trip an unforgettable experience.


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North Routes

Islands Dive Routes

Islands Routes

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South Routes


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Scuba Scene liveaboard is a great choice for kite surfers as well. Kitesafari on the Red Sea is an amazing experience. Enjoy flat and shallow water, itinerary adjusted to the wind conditions, with Scuba Scene Yacht liveaboard.

Scuba Scene Yacht ...

offers luxury liveaboard with diving safari or kitesurfing in Red Sea. Take a look at routes in the Red Sea and check Scuba Scene schedule and start your adventure with great comfort. 

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Team contact details:
- Mr. Mohamed Gaber (English + Arabic ) 
Tel. (+2) 01288442753
- Ms. Natalya Douenkova (Russian + English )
Tel. (+2) 01000238854
- Mr. Akram Gaber (English + Arabic )
Tel. (+2) 01558048892
- Mr. Ashraf Hassan (English + Arabic )
Tel. (+2) 01068834398